Top Reasons to Buy a Holiday Home

Now more than ever, Brits are choosing to spend their precious holiday time in the UK rather than heading abroad. Some prefer a city break, but we caravanners appreciate the simple pleasures of park near some beaches with the familiar scent of fresh sea air in our nostrils. You may enjoy a place so much that you consider purchasing a permanent home there.

It’s a tough call to make, when you decide that you would like to purchase an alternative holiday home for the family, as there is so much that you must consider. Do you go for static caravan or do you go for a tourer? To the untrained eye, they may look relatively similar.

But for a more seasoned pro, you know that a holiday home in the form of a static caravan has so many benefits – and we mean more than just the additional space that comes with a holiday home.  

Here, we list the many benefits to choosing a static holiday home over a tourer:

Save Money

While buying a holiday home may appear more expensive at first, you should see it more as an investment. When you consider the cost of renting private accommodation, whether abroad or here in the UK, the cost can be hefty -and that’s before you add on booking and cleaning fees, if applicable.

But by purchasing a holiday home that is yours forever, ultimately you end up saving a lot of money as the years go by. While the cost may seem expensive at first, over time you’ll see the savings in abundance very quickly. Not to mention, you may have the option to rent it out to other holiday makers should you choose to!

Touring caravans can be difficult to tow and store

Unless you have a very large truck or van with a towing rig attached to the bumper, transporting your little tourer can be tough. It’s bulky, heavy, and can often make car journeys feel longer as you tend to have to drive slower to avoid accidents. Plus, depending on the size of the caravan, you may have to take an additional B+E test and special training before you can take it anywhere.

There’s also the added issue of where you can keep it while it’s not in use. Most of us simply do not have enough room on our drives (if you’re even lucky enough to have one!) to store the trailer. This can be a big problem, one that is eliminated if you opt for a static holiday home instead, as it can stay safely in your chosen park, just waiting for you to pitch up with the family for the weekend….

Static doesn’t have to mean stationary…

Most of us have a favourite destination that we flock to the second we get a chance to take a holiday, and may love a place so much that we weigh up our options and consider staying in our little paradise permanently.

You might set up shop in your favourite nook along the coast of Cornwall, but find a few years later that you’d prefer to spend some family time elsewhere, sometimes even hundreds of miles away.

In the case that you do decide you’d like a change of scenery, getting your static caravan a set of wheels is not unheard of… unlike the name suggests, static caravans can be moved pretty easily with a bit of planning. There are many companies around that can move your home with the help of a low loading HGV.

A holiday home can be more personal to you

Much in the same way that buying a house over renting one gives you more creative freedom to create the home that you’ve dreamed of, buying a holiday home is the first step to creating your dream getaway. You can say goodbye to garish décor, and decorate to your own taste, and add in your own furniture to make it feel homelier.

Not to mention, the usual amenities that we take for granted in a standard house can be a little more difficult to come by in the caravanning world. But with a static holiday home, you can connect toilets directly to the mains, to save the dreaded task of emptying it out every once in a while, and you can consider insulation reparations a little more, as you are free to use materials that are far denser, which leads to a much warmer holiday home throughout the colder months.

PLUS the water coming from the mains can mean that you’ll have 24 hour hot water whenever you want it.

Just imagine, a hot shower at the touch of a button…


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