Once you have purchased and sited your holiday home in the Skegness/Ingoldmells area, there are loads of reasons for visiting at all times of the year. One that has always proved to be popular is the Skegness Stadium.

Skegness Stadium is a tarmac oval racing circuit which is located just outside of Skegness, a seaside town in Lincolnshire, England. This popular stadium hosts British stock car racing events all throughout the year, as well as other special events including firework displays, stunt shows, truck racing, caravan racing and much more.

The stadium is a popular destination for families and there are a lot of fun events happening here. Many visitors come to see the racing events, as well as take part in the other attractions that the stadium has to offer.

So what can you see and do when you visit Skegness Stadium? Here are some of the fun activities that you can enjoy at this sporting facility:

Car and Motorbike Stunt Shows

Throughout the year, the stadium hosts a number of car and motorbike stunt shows that make viewers gasp in awe. Skilled drivers will perform tricks on their motorbikes and cars, flipping in the air, driving over jumps and much more. It’s a thrilling spectacle that has been very popular with visitors to Skegness Stadium.

Crusher Monster Truck Shows

Many visitors, especially little boys, are thrilled by watching a Monster Truck show. These enormous vehicles leave a trail of destruction in their path as they drive overtop of other cars and perform impressive stunts. Skegness Stadium hosts Monster Truck events throughout the year and they are always very popular.

Firework Displays

Skegness Stadium also plays host to firework displays, especially during the summer months. There is nothing quite like spending a summer evening enjoying the warm air and watching the beautiful fireworks light up the sky. It is a delight that the whole family can enjoy, no matter what your age. Check the Skegness Stadium website for information about when the fireworks displays will take place throughout the summer.

Banger Car Racing

This is a type of racing where an assortment of quirky old and run-down vehicles race against each other. Banger racing cars are usually scrap cars, but sometimes other bizarre vehicles are used. A banger car race can be a very exciting attraction which will provide a lot of entertainment.

Stock Car Racing

Skegness StadiumAnother one of the popular attractions at Skegness Stadium is stock car racing. This event is different than banger car racing because the cars that are used are new and have not been modified from their original factory configuration. A stock car is different than a race car, which is custom designed for racing. Also, in contrast to other forms of racing, it is acceptable for a small amount of car-to-car contact in stock car racing. This means that the drivers can force another vehicle out of the way. It is an exciting sport to watch and a very popular event at Skegness Stadium.

These are just a few of the many fun and exciting things that you can see and do at Skegness Stadium, while you are enjoying a holiday in scenic Skegness.


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