Have you ever wondered whether or not you could live in your static caravan full time? Perhaps you are looking to save money or you want to have a simpler lifestyle while living in a great location?

IMG_8799Whatever the reason, it is completely possible to live in your static caravan full time. Many people have been living in caravans for centuries, even long before caravans had the technology, resources and infrastructure that make them so comfortable today. However if you are used to living in a home you might find the adjustment to caravan life a little more difficult.

So what do you need to know before you move into a static home or caravan park? Here are a few things to consider:

Life within a Static Caravan Park Home

Perhaps you need to stay within a static caravan throughout the entire year? In this case, you could live in a caravan park home. This option might be the best for you, depending on your needs and what you are looking for. This will usually mean buying a static caravan from the owners of the park, then renting the pitch from them and pay a few fees to live there. This will include maintenance fees, council tax and utility bills.

When you are choosing where to live, make sure that you ask about the exact costs of renting the caravan pitch and all other expenses. Keep in mind that you will also have to pay council tax with this option, because a caravan park operates 12 months of the year as residential housing. This also means that your static caravan can be used as a permanent address on the electoral role.

Life in a Static Caravan Site Home

Another option is to live in a static caravan site home, which is a holiday home for caravans. This means that the license for the site only lasts for around 10 months of the year. During 2-3 months of the year you will need to leave your caravan.

Because of this, your caravan will not be a permanent residence and you will not be able to use your address on the electoral role. With this type of setup you will need to pay for pitch rental fees, as well as a maintenance service on top of the costs of the bills.

When you are considering this option don’t forget to keep in mind the two or three months that you will be away from your caravan and the costs of where you will stay during this time too, all these costs could really add up if you do not plan ahead!

Life in a Static Caravan on Your Own Land

Another option is to stay on a static caravan located on your own land. There is some confusing information about this, as different areas have a variation in rules concerning this. Usually you will need planning permission in order to live in a caravan on your own land, but this will vary depending on the council area that you live in. Make sure that you check with your council before you make plans to live in your static caravan. You will likely need to obtain permission to be able to sleep within the caravan, as this is what the UK law states.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to get planning permission to live in your permanent caravan, unless the property is already being used for caravans or you plan to live in the caravan on a temporary basis while you are renovating.

In order to navigate the complex legal details of this, it would be best to speak to a lawyer who specialises in local planning applications. There is a lot of variety around the country when it comes to what is and isn’t allowed. Sometimes the council will insist that you deal with your waste water in a certain way, which can be expensive. Make sure that you receive legal advice and that you know what the restrictions are on you, so that you are not breaking any laws and you don’t have to be asked to leave.

Living in your static caravan can be a great refreshing option for you and it might be a way to downscale, save money and have a simpler existence. However before you jump into this lifestyle it is important to weigh up your options and make sure that you know what the restrictions are. Make a budget to determine which option will be the best for you, then make a plan for dealing with the details and moving into your new home!


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