More and more Britons are going on caravanning holidays. But why? If you’ve never been on a caravan holiday, there are all sorts of reasons why you should give it a try. Sure it isn’t for everyone, but for those of a certain fearless, adventurous variety, it is an experience which will not easily be forgotten! We love it!

But exactly why do we love caravans so much? Well there are a number of reasons.

Caravanning is cheap!

IMG_0250Caravans are hugely popular in the UK, particularly during the years following the recent economic downturn. One of the biggest contributing factors to the popularity of the caravan holiday is the meagre cost of going on one. The largest expenditure is constituted by the caravan itself. Caravans can be bought second hand, or even rented – thereby making them hugely cost-effective.

For a fraction of the cost of a flight across the globe, you can transport an entire family – including pets – anywhere where there is a road. When placed in this context, the increased fuel costs of hauling a caravan around is rendered insignificant. This is attested to by the fact that many of those who went caravanning to save money during the recession so often continue to do so when times are good!

Caravanning helps you discover rural Britain

Caravan holiday helps inject some much-needed money into the countryside and address the balance between large cities like London and rural communities. If your politics is that way inclined, it allows you to keep your money inside the country, rather than sending it abroad.

Many choose to spend their money elsewhere and elect for cheap package holidays in the Mediterranean. But in doing so, they miss out on the wealth of green and pleasant land situated right on their doorsteps – all for the sake of avoiding a little bit of rain. Don’t make the same mistake!

Caravanning allows you to be active outdoors

Many of us are looking for ways to get more active – particularly those of us who spend much of our working lives sat in front of a computer screen. This is undoubtedly a wise ambition; the health benefits of living an active lifestyle are incontrovertible. A caravan holiday will allow you to do exactly that – and in whatever environment you like. If you want to go for a walk along a beach, you need simply pull up in a caravan park next to a beach and go for a walk along it. Similarly, if you want to go for a walk through a forest, or across the clifftops, a caravan holiday will allow you to do exactly that.

Caravanning allows you to return to nature

A huge component in the appeal of caravanning is that it allows you to visit places which are relatively untouched by humans. Many caravan parks are placed within walking distance of areas of outstanding natural beauty. This in sharp contrast to most hotels, which, through necessity, are pitched at the centre of developed areas.

A caravan park, on the other hand, is in essence just a field with a few amenities attached. As such, it can be placed at the heart of wilderness, surrounded by countryside and unaffected by light pollution and smog. Why not explore Britain as it should be – unblemished and untamed!

Caravan parks foster a great community spirit

As anyone who has visited one will attest, a caravan park is a place where a huge amount of community spirit takes place. Here, you can meet people you would otherwise not have and caravan parks invariably host all manner of get-togethers during the evening which will allow you to bond even further.


Part of the joy of going on a caravan holiday is the food; you can spend time cooking for yourself, or if that’s not your thing, you can take a stroll down to the nearest eatery. If you’d like, you can live off bacon butties and full English breakfasts for weeks on end – you’re on holiday, after all! What’s more, there are no set times to be up for breakfast – you can stay in bed all day (an especially good idea if the weather is bad), if you’re that way inclined.

Less hassle, more freedom!

Part of the appeal of caravanning is that it requires next to zero planning and forethought. You needn’t book the holiday months in advance – you can simply pack your bags and go whenever and wherever you feel like going. This is part of the reason that caravanning holds such a strong appeal for the adventure-seekers among us.

This spirit of adventure is recognised by those who operate caravan parks. While caravan parks do not offer an infinite amount of space, it is close to certain that they will have room to accommodate any extra travellers who happen to turn up at any one time. You therefore needn’t bother phoning ahead to book at any but the busiest times of year.

A caravan allows you a degree of freedom that many people are simply not exposed to. You can go anywhere and do anything – provided there is a stretch of road to take you there.

You can pack as much as you like!

Some of the most significant benefits of going out on a caravan holiday is the extra storage it affords you. You needn’t cram everything into a tiny suitcase; there are no weight limits and there is no such thing as oversized baggage.

Will bring you closer together

It may seem strange to think that forcing your family into closer physical proximity will bring you closer together. After all, isn’t being cooped up in a small space likely to cause arguments and ultimately stress? Aren’t you going to get in one another’s way?

Perhaps there is some truth in this. But, as any seasoned caravan enthusiast will tell you, you’ll have to learn to forgive one another your faults and irritating habits. The result will be a more closely-knit family unit. Why not make some memories for your family which you’ll treasure forever?


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