willerby winchesterHaving your own static caravan can be an awesome investment and a great way to spend your holidays. Whenever you want to take some time out and relax, you won’t have to worry about booking hotels, you can just head to your home away from home. A perfectly situated static caravan can be a wonderful place for your family to build lasting memories.

However, it is very important to consider insuring your static caravan so that your holiday home will be protected. Static caravans are actually much more vulnerable to problems such as flood and storm damage and break-ins than a house or a portable caravan because they are usually left unoccupied for long periods of time.

If you are going to leave your static caravan empty for any amount of time, it should have a good lock system and an alarm. You might also want to drain all of the water systems and tanks in order to avoid frozen pipes and flooding while you are gone.

The right insurance can protect you if someone goes wrong with your caravan, so that you can be compensated. It is very important to have this and sometimes the residential park might insist that you have a certain level of insurance. Take the time to look at all of the different policies that are available, as there are many to choose from and it is important to find one that meets the needs for you and the caravan.

Choosing the Right Caravan Insurance

So how can you choose the right insurance for your caravan? Here are some of the factors that you should consider when selecting your policy:

  • Does the policy cover you completely should any damage occur to the structure of the caravan or the site pitch?
  • If the caravan were completely destroyed, would the policy cover you for the debris removal and the re-siting of the caravan? Or would you be left with a damaged and useless static caravan that is uninhabitable? This would cause so many problems and there is the obvious fact that you would be stuck with nowhere to live and no money coming in to help you.
  • In this case, would your emergency accommodation expenses be covered, such as if you had to stay in a hotel because your caravan was damaged?
  • What is the age limit on the “new for old” option within the policy? A “new for old” policy means that if your caravan is damaged or stolen then you will receive compensation to the value of the caravan when it was new. This is different than a policy that will only provide the market value of the caravan, which means that if your caravan is older you will not receive the full price you originally paid for it.
  • Does the caravan insurance policy include coverage for natural damage that is accidental, such as frost, fire, falling trees or water damage?
  • Will you be covered for damage that is caused by animals, including wild animals, pets or vermin?
  • Are there any restrictions on the length or width of the caravan within the policy? This is an important detail to check, as some companies can be strict about this.
  • If your caravan is damaged, will you be compensated for the loss of your sundry items such as the food in your freezer?
  • Does the policy place a limit on the amount of time spent in your caravan? This is important to be aware of when you are making your holiday plans.
  • What is the excess on the static caravan insurance policy?
  • Will the policy offer you a discount if you have certain security features in place, such as alarms, modern locks, etc? What features are necessary to receive this lower rate on coverage?

It is also a good idea to examine the policy carefully and find out which fittings, fixtures and content items are covered by the insurance policy. If your caravan gets broken into or you lose your keys, are you covered for lock replacements?

It is also very important to have cover against theft for your static caravan, because it will be left uninhabited for significant periods of time. Caravans are a popular target for thieves, so even if you have a lock and an alarm system you should also still have insurance coverage for theft.

If for some reason you ever get into a legal dispute as a result of owning your caravan, will your insurance cover you for your legal fees? What are the situations that the insurance will cover – will they suit your circumstances?

Insure the Possessions Within Your Caravan

There is a good chance that you will have lots of valuable items in your caravan, including DVD players, consoles, radios, TV’s, artwork, furniture and other items that you would use during your stay.

Your household contents insurance might cover some of these items, but usually it will not cover items that are purchased specifically for use in your caravan. It is crucial to make sure that these items are insured as well, in case your caravan is broken into. Take the time to find an insurance policy that includes all of the possessions within your caravan too.

Make sure that you take the time to look around for the best possible insurance policy to meet your needs. There are many different options available, so you can compare the many choices and find the company that will offer you the best possible static caravan insurance coverage at the ideal price. Don’t be afraid to ask different companies whether or not they will be able to match or beat quotes.

It is worth contacting your caravan club to find out if they have discounts with certain insurers that their members can benefit from. If you are not a member of a club, you might find that it is worth it for the savings and the benefits that membership brings so make sure to take a look.

There are some many different insurance companies offering all sorts of perks and different options it can be difficult to find the one for you that suits all your needs. When you do find the right insurance policy you will be able to relax and have peace of mind, when you are staying at your caravan and when you are leaving it vacant. The insurance will protect you, no matter what happens.


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