The History & Heritage of Mablethorpe

Our small seaside town of Mablethorpe has a rich culture and history- did you know that world famous poet Alfred Lord Tennyson regularly frequented our award winning beaches? Or that the A157 between Louth and Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire is the 6th bendiest road in the UK? Among our quirky traditions, our shores play host to all the amenities you would expect of your usual seaside town- beautiful sandy beaches, colourful amusements and of course a fairground!

But why choose Mablethorpe over the various offerings that the shores of Lincolnshire present? We’ve rounded up a brief history of Mablethorpe, featuring some must-see sights and some great historical facts about our beautiful town! Allow us to convince you that there is so much more to our little Lincolnshire town than meets the eye… here is a list of reasons why you should visit Mablethorpe!

Our beach is classed as one of the best in the world:


Central Beach in Mablethorpe has been awarded and retained its prestigious international Blue Flag status! The highly sort after award is granted based on water quality, environmental education, beach safety and facilities. We take a lot of pride in our beach, which is reflected in our bustling tourist season during the warm summer days, filled with locals and curious visitors. The beach is an impressive 4 miles long- a great stretch for those of you with four-legged furry friends who have some energy to burn!

We hold an annual Beach Hut festival:

Every year, we hold our Bathing Beauties event- a beach hut festival! This brilliant family event features a large array of stalls and huts selling all kinds of quirky trinkets and interesting things, alongside great quality music & entertainment, and is a great hotspot for tourists wanting to take in the quirks that make Mablethorpe the brilliant British seaside town that it is.

We inspired some modern literature:

World renowned 19th Century poet Alfred Lord Tennyson famously spent many an occasion wandering our promenade. Some of our buildings and roads still bear his name, such as Tennyson Road and Tennyson High School. In D H Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers, the main protagonist is elated that he gets to take his mother on a long awaited holiday to Mablethorpe. More recently, Mablethorpe plays home to B P Perry’s fictional detective, Snake Wolfbane. Written in 2012, the popular series begins with The Mablethorpe Connection, and has proven hugely popular amongst comic book fans!

Our illuminations rival other cities:

Once a year, our town takes part in the Great British tradition of a Christmas lights “Switch on”, featuring fireworks, performances from local artists and an appearance by a famous guest! In the past, we’ve been fortunate enough to invite Barbara Windsor, Timmy Mallett and Wolf and Hunter of TV’s 90’s show Gladiators to turn on the lights at our hugely popular event.

Part of Mablethorpe was lost at sea many moons ago:

What with being so close to the sea, it goes without saying that our beaches get beaten by harsh winds and high tides. But did you know that Mablethorpe has been subjected to two huge floods? Mablethorpe was ‘in very great danger of the sea’ according to the Commissioners of Sewers for the province of Lindsey, and this was proven to be correct in the late 1530s, when the church of St Peter, the village of ‘Mawplethrop’, and the greater part of its parish were ‘overflown with water in the sea’ and never recovered.
Interestingly, as late as the 1870s, the church ruins could reportedly still be seen from the dune-top at Mablethorpe, and it was said in the 1930s that the sea continued to occasionally throw up carved stone from the church onto the foreshore!
The town suffered another flood in 1954; England’s East Coast was devastated by a huge tidal surge. Search and rescue parties were largely community lead.

And the first lifeboat station in the UK…?

You guessed it. The first lifeboat station in the UK was built in Mablethorpe in 1883! Unfortunately, it isn’t in action now as it was closed just after World War 1 due to staff shortages. However, we do have another inland lifeboat station that guards our beaches to this day.

We have a great many semi-aquatic friends

In 1984, Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary opened its doors to visitors- and you can still pay them a visit! The hugely popular tourist site has rescued many injured and orphaned baby seals, returning them to their natural home once rehabilitated. For those who struggle to exist without due care, the sanctuary offers them a permanent home. The sanctuary is open daily for visitors, with many other animals and birds on display and even an opportunity to act as keeper for the day!

East Coast Caravans has provided temporary and permanent holiday homes to people visiting and living in Mablethorpe for many years. We know the ins and outs of this fantastic town, and we hope that you’ll visit soon and see how great it is for yourself!


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