The history and heritage of Chapel St Leonards

 Chapel St Leonards is a true gem in the many beautiful offerings that the shores of Lincolnshire present. It’s an idyllic seaside village based just 7 miles away from the incredibly popular town of Skegness.

 It is so named after Leonard of Noblac, the patron saint of political prisoners, imprisoned people, prisoners of war, women in labour, as well as horses. Our Chapel, which relates to the Chapel of Mumby in Alford, Lincolnshire, was largely lost during a huge flood, but was rebuilt in 1572. Restoration work has continued ever since with numerous extensions to the building, making it truly stunning to behold.

Our coast also had a huge part to play in the UKs defence strategy during World War 2, and visitors are able to see the war memorial at Chapel Point that was originally dedicated to Private Mark Hill as a First World War monument to an individual, but was later also dedicated to the village dead of the Second World War.

 Aside from boasting a rich cultural history, Chapel St Leonards makes for a fantastic getaway for families; there are plenty of things to do in the area, with brilliant caravan parks, gaudy amusements and winding beaches that really put Chapel St Leonards on the map of the Lincolnshire Coastline. We’ve put together a list of important historical sites and must see attractions for when you visit:

Chapel Point

 Once part of a major coastal defence line during the Second Word War, Chapel Point has now been restored, creating an ideal location to capture the impressive views of the East Coast. The renovation to the area has has included the gun structure, a viewing platform, toilets, car park, gardens and the Chapel Point café for those who need a bite to eat after exploring the area.

 Chapel Point is also a great place for twitchers! Rare species of birds are regularly spotted here, with most recent find including a Pectoral Sandpiper and a White-winged Tern. Few people know about, or have witnessed the passage of the thousands of birds from all around the world (Greenland, Iceland, Arctic, Siberia, North and South America etc) that migrate along the Lincolnshire coastline in spring, autumn and early winter, and Chapel Point is an amazing platform to see this in action.

Water Meadows Carp Fishery

Just a 5 minute walk from our beautiful village, Water Meadows Carp Fishery is a must for any experienced or amateur angler. Previous catches have included Carp, Catfish, Pike, match-sized Carp, Bream, Tench and big Roach! The fishery spans an impressive four lakes, and boasts a brilliant shop with a range of tackle, rigs, hooks and rods.

Wolla Bank Pit Nature Reserve

 Another brilliant area for bird watching enthusiasts, Wolla Bank Pit is home to many species of ducks, ranging from Great Crested Grebes through to Purple Heron. The area is rife with flooded clay pits, which were a result of clay being excavated to repair the sea wall after a flood in the mid 1950’s. It makes for a fantastic walk with the family, with spectacular views and a variety of wonderful species on display, and a brilliant dog walking beach which backs onto the reserve.

 North Sea Observatory

 The North Sea Observatory at Chapel Point is due to be opened to the public shortly, and will provide a unique opportunity on the Lincolnshire coast to learn about and experience our important marine environment. The Observatory will be something unique to Lincolnshire as there are currently no purpose-designed marine observatories anywhere else in the United Kingdom! It was also feature an art space for exhibiting work from local/national artists and craftspeople too. Construction is due to be completed in Autumn 2017, and we’re remarkably excited to take a look once it has been opened.


 Standard fare for any beachside town, amusements arcades provide all the garishly exciting games and machines to keep the kids entertained after a long day exploring the beach. Chapel St Leonards offers a multitude of arcades, from Green Amusements through to Golden Beach, all of which are guaranteed to add fun to a family orientated day and help everyone spend their coppers!

Chapel St Leonards Beach

 A popular sand and shingle beach on the Lincolnshire coastline, which offers many pubs, restaurants and arcades. The beach is a popular place for swimming and for family days out, and is also a good place for walking as the beaches stretch for many miles in both directions along this part of the Lincolnshire coastline (around 6 miles to Skegness, 1 mile north to Chapel Point). Unfortunately this beach is not dog friendly, but your four-legged friends can enjoy a lengthy run along the aforementioned beach at Wolla Bank Pit.

 Chapel St Leonards truly is a wonderful village that gives the visitor a true sense of the British beach experience. Coupled with a rich cultural history and an incredible proclivity for nature preservation, a visit to our village is a must whilst visiting Lincolnshire.


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