If you are to feel at home inside your caravan, then you’ll need to go through some decorating your caravan – if only to lend it that special personal touch. In this article, we shall examine a few of the ways this can be achieved.

Make use of the supplies you already have

When it comes to decorating, the limited space on the inside of a caravan can be a blessing – you’ll have far less work to do than you would decorating the inside of your house and you’ll likely spend far less money in doing so. What’s more, if you have any leftover decorating supplies lying around – wallpaper, paint, or bits of carpet, for instance – you can likely put them to good use inside the caravan. This approach will allow you to decorate your caravan in exactly the same way as you have your house.

Hang up some mirrors

The interior of a caravan is naturally a very cosy space. This is unavoidable – after all, there is little point in a caravan so large that it can’t be towed! There are, however, ways in which this effect can be minimised. Mirrors needn’t just be a functional features – they can look good too. With such a wide variety of them available, you can find one to suit any interior. What’s more, they’ll help you look your best whenever you go out on your travels.

Replace the curtains

As much as you want to take in the beauty of your surroundings – this is, after all, one of IMG_0254the main reasons to go out on a caravan trip – you don’t want anyone looking in your direction. For this reason you’ll want to invest in a pair of curtains, or blinds – the choice is yours! Though the former will certainly makes for a far more effective insulator than the latter.

Curtains are an excellent way of adding colour to any interior. Get curtains that suit the colour scheme. It is particularly advisable to invest in a pair of blackout curtains in rooms you intend to sleep in. These curtains are distinct in that they have thick linings which will help to prevent light entering the room. This is particularly important if you happen to pitch up near a brightly-lit area of a caravan park – or one that will catch the sun first thing in the morning. There is, after all, nothing worse than having a lie-in interrupted – and this is especially true when you’re on holiday!

Install some new lighting

As well as stopping light from getting in, you’ll also want to create your own. Fortunately, there is a huge amount of different lighting solutions available – with LED-based options enjoying a particular renaissance, thanks mainly to advances in the technology. If you want to create some nice mood-lighting, then why not install a dimmer switch? It takes barely any time and can transform an interior from something stark and garish into something cosy and inviting.

Replace the furniture

Unfortunately, most caravans lack the space to move in the full three-piece suite you have at home. You can still improve the look of the existing furniture by throwing in a few throws and decorative scatter-cushions. Again make sure that you tailor the colour scheme to complement the curtains!

Replace the bedding

Since you are going to be sleeping in the caravan, it is important that the beds are as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, the beds which come with caravans often fall well short of this requirement. This problem is easily fixed, however; it is often a simple matter of replacing the existing beds with something more comfortable – this can be a memory-foam solution, or something entirely different.

Put up some pictures

The walls inside a caravan are almost always drab and lifeless. Add a personal touch by covering them with your favourite photographs and special ornaments – if you have children with an artistic streak, then why not hang up their creations? You needn’t cover every square inch of available wall space – a few pictures or posters, placed sparingly, will work wonders without costing the earth.

Change the wallpaper

Of course, a huge component of any comprehensive decoration will be a change of wallpaper. If you’re unhappy with the existing wallpaper, then there’s no need to waste any time; just rip it down and start again! Often, the wall-space you’ll be covering will be very small and so the job won’t take that long. You should be aware, however, of fiddly corners and other obstructions before you begin. Ensure that any air vents are left unobstructed – their importance cannot really be understated.

Apply a coat of paint!

If you’re not inclined towards wallpaper, then a fresh coat of paint can be just the trick – you won’t need to worry about fiddly cutting, either! A coat of primer can easily turn the interior of a caravan into something spectacular. Make sure you cover the floor before you begin and that there is adequate ventilation inside – caravans are small spaces and so the ill-effects of paint fumes are magnified. Ideally, you should be using a good-quality paint designed to be used in kitchens and bathrooms, as this will be more durable and it will react better to damp conditions.

Install some extra storage space

Inside a caravan, space is at a premium. Caravan owners will therefore want to make the most of what little room there is. There are a few simple tricks which will help toward this end. Beds take up a large amount of horizontal space, but very little vertical space. If left empty, this space is effectively wasted. By placing cupboards above beds, rather than beside them, this space can be put to good use. Similarly, the space under the bed can be used as a storage location.

Minor changes

You might also consider adding your own decorative flourishes here and there – even the smallest details can add immensely to the overall look of the caravan. A typical caravan will contain many small objects suitable for replacement – among them are taps and door handles.


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