Caravans are hugely popular and for good reason too. A caravan holiday represents an ideal compromise between a tent and a hotel. They afford the mobility and freedom of the former, along with the amenities of the latter.

And yet, for all their popularity, there exists a large swathe of society who would not even countenance the thought of going on a caravan holiday. This is understandable; the idea will doubtless only appeal to those of a certain adventurous mind-set.

You don’t have to go far

While people pay extortionate fees to embark on trips to the Mediterranean, they often miss out on the stunning range of natural beauty available on their doorstep. The UK is a small nation, whose extremities can be reached without shelling out the earth. You needn’t travel vast distances before encountering something worthwhile on foreign shores – why not instead take advantage of what you’ve got at home?

Caravan holidays let you eat well

Unlike a hotel, there is no set breakfast time. You can get up in mid-afternoon if you please – and why not? It’s your holiday, after all. If you feel so inclined, you can pitch up within walking distance of a restaurant and wander over for lunch and dinner, too. Many modern caravans come equipped with capable stoves and ovens – allowing your dining experience to reach the same heights as that which you enjoy at home! Isn’t that far preferable to heating a tin of beans over a campfire?

Caravan holidays provide other creature comforts

IMG_0005Top of the list of creature comforts is a bed – an actual bed. If you’ve ever been camping, you may have been struck by the terrible discomfort of sleeping in a tent – particularly if you are doing so for many nights in a row. For older people this danger is all the greater – particularly those suffering from back trouble.

You might have returned from the camping trip in question and exclaimed ‘finally! An actual bed!’. Aren’t holidays supposed to be enjoyable? Your return should be an occasion for sorrow, not rejoicing! So, why not dispense with the pretence? You are not, nor have you ever been, Bear Grylls. You are just a normal person who wants a pleasant holiday at a reasonable price. Is that so much to ask?

Leaving the bed to one side, a caravan will also allow you to enjoy a number of other conveniences – not least of which, a changing room, a clean toilet and a functional kitchen.

You get a sense of adventure!

As well as their practical benefits, caravans also carry an air of adventure, which children just love – particularly those who have never been on one before. Caravan sites are typically located in remote, undeveloped places. This is undoubtedly a good thing! It is this very remoteness which places caravan sites within walking distance of areas of natural beauty. You need only get walking out into the wilderness and see what sights you discover.

Another added benefit is that caravan holidays can offer a great opportunity to get active, walk around and see things. If you spend much of your year sitting in front of a screen, this is an idea which will undoubtedly appeal to you.

You get to meet new and interesting people

Another benefit of a caravan holiday is its ability to bring you closer to new people. As most veteran caravan-owners will tell you, caravan sites invariably foster a great community spirit. You will be welcomed with open arms as part of the caravan club. Most caravan sites will organise special events, like stage shows and karaoke, which encourages this community spirit still further.

Caravan holidays are cheap!

Part of the appeal of the caravan holiday is that it is incredibly economical. You do not need to pay for accommodation beyond the measly sum expected by caravan parks. Similarly, there are no baggage restrictions beyond the fuel increase; this cost is utterly trivial when compared to those charged by airline companies. Caravan holidays therefore enjoy wide appeal.

The largest expense is undoubtedly constituted by the cost of the caravan itself. If you choose to buy a caravan, then you will need somewhere to store it. If you have a big enough drive, then this is not a problem – and those that do not can simply rent one.

There is often no need to book ahead

Of course, no caravan site is infinite – they do, from time to time, get booked up. But these instances are extremely rare. Unlike a hotel, with only a limited number of rooms, a caravan site is a sprawling, open site, with plenty of room to park.

A caravan has use beyond the holiday

Some of the biggest benefits of a caravan have nothing to do with holidaying at all. Once you’ve returned from your travels, the caravan can sit on your drive, serving effectively as an extension to your property. It can be a spare bedroom, complete with an ensuite bathroom. Perfect if you have a friend with a snoring problem who you can’t bring yourself to invite over.  You might also rent it out while you’re not using it – in precisely the same way you would a Spanish villa or Austrian chalet. The possibilities are endless!

A caravan can cater for those with special requirements

According to recent government statistics, there are 11 million people in the United Kingdom who suffer from one disability or another. One might expect that the tourist industry would be able to cater for this demographic and for the most part they do; unfortunately, even in the year 2015, not all hotels cater adequately for their disabled customers – this is particularly true of smaller bed and breakfast companies in rural areas.

If you own a caravan, then you can cater your holiday to the requirements of anyone who might be coming along for the ride. You can install handrails, along with lifts and ramps for wheelchair bound friends and relatives. Able-bodied are able to travel and see the world – and now thanks to technology, so can everyone else.


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