Activities to do Around and on the Campsite

A camping excursion is an inexpensive way to bring a family or group of friends closer together. You’ll no longer spend your afternoons and evenings glued to your respective mobile phones and tablet devices; instead you’ll need to come up with alternative ways to entertain yourself. And that’s part of the fun of camping!

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways in which campers might entertain themselves over the course of their break.

Board Games

If there’s a tried and trusted way of keeping oneself entertained during a camping holiday, it’s with the help of a board game. Of course, the term ‘board game’ encompasses a huge amount of different games. There are classics which date back centuries, like chess; there are more recent favourites like Monopoly; then there are cutting-edge cult games like Pandemic.

When in doubt, it’s best to go with something familiar and tested, which you know that everyone will enjoy. That’s not to say, however, that it isn’t worth occasionally trying your hand at something new. If you’re got your own caravan, then you might dedicate one cupboard as the ‘games cupboard’ and fill it with fun games for you to choose from.


Another time-honoured means of entertaining yourself while on a camping holiday is with a round of cards. With the classic fifty-two-card deck, it’s possible to play an enormous amount of different games. And if you’re the only one familiar with a certain game, then you’ll be able to teach it to your friends and family – which is part of the fun!

As well as the classic deck of cards with which everyone is familiar, you might also consider some of the specialist card games there are on the market. Top trumps cards are a popular example – but there are many more to choose from.


If you’re going camping, then chances are that you’ll be doing it in a rural area that’s filled with natural beauty. Since the United Kingdom is replete with such locations, this is all the more likely. There are few better ways to see the sites than on foot. And if you’re going to be camping somewhere that’s quite out of the way, then it may be that you need to hike in order to get there.

Hiking is an excellent, low-intensity form of exercise that helps to build muscle and trim fat. It’s a hugely effective barrier against related conditions like heart disease and diabetes. What’s more, it’s fun! So get into the habit of moving around with a hike on your camping holiday.


Father and son on a bike ride on a sunny day

Another popular means of getting around is by cycling. If you’re venturing out into the great outdoors, then you’re sure to be just a short distance from a suitable cycling route. If you’ve not got yourself a bicycle, then you might consider nearby places to rent one from. If you have, then why not strap them to the back of your car and take them along for the ride?

The UK is crammed with outdoor cycling trails, each of which provides us with an excellent means of getting some valuable exercise, getting our adrenaline pumping, and seeing all of the natural beauty that our countryside has to offer.

Hide and Seek

If you’ve got a few hours to kill on a crowded campsite, then a game of hide and seek might be what’s required to pass the time. Give yourself a sensible time limit, and agree on a place to meet after it’s elapsed. Of course, this game carries with it the risk of getting lost – particularly if you’re playing it with small children. That said, hide and seek is a great way for older ones to explore their surroundings – while you spend some time with your feet up.

Bean-bag toss

This is a more traditional game. Start with a collection of suitable holes, and take it in turns to toss bean bags into those holes. Whoever manages to do so with the most success shall be declared the winner!

Of course, you might adjust the difficulty of the game by changing the size of the bean bags, of the holes, and of the distance you’re throwing – and you can even introduce a system of handicaps to get things really interesting!

Get Musical

What camping pastime is more traditional than whipping out an acoustic guitar at the campfire and regaling your peers with an old folk song or two? People have been doing it for centuries – since the time that camping was a necessity rather than a form of recreation. Keep this tradition alive by packing your guitar – or perhaps even your lute!


A classic game of catch is a perfect means of spending the time during your camping holiday. It doesn’t require any bulky or cumbersome equipment – just a suitable object to be thrown and caught. You might play catch with a ball – but it’s a lot more fun to do so with a plastic disk that’ll float and spin and glide depending on how you throw it – and which is less likely to roll away if left on a sloped surface. If you’re taking a dog with you on your camping trip, then a Frisbee also provides an excellent basis for a game of fetch!


Football, as every Briton knows, is a national obsession. It’s impossible to get away from – and for good reason, as it’s an excellent sport that’s beloved all over the world. You’ll be able to pick a ball up from any sports shop worthy of the title – but be careful that you don’t conduct your kickabout too close to other people’s tents (or caravans), as you won’t want to disturb a stranger’s holiday by smashing a ball through their window.

For this reason, you might consider investing in a smaller, lighter ball – one which won’t fly such a tremendous distance, and which lacks the weight necessary to inflict a great deal of damage.


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