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    Had too many beautiful caravans to choose from!!! Was spoilt for choice, got one chosen out though!

    Name: Mr Nicol Date: 04-02-2017

    Such a warm and welcome office with Angie and James, made us feel so comfortable

    Name: Jean Baker Date: 02-02-2017

    Chose my caravan last week and its already sited, cant wait to get down in March when the site opens!

    Name: Mrs Walker Date: 27-01-2017

    Excellent service, very friendly staff in the office

    Name: Mrs Britt Date: 25-01-2017


Winter’s Over: Spring Clean Your Caravan


Now that winter has finally been and gone, it won’t be long before we’re all once again attaching our caravans to the rear of our vehicles and hurtling off toward the horizon in search of summer fun. There’s a rather limited window, then, in which to prepare said caravan for the holidays. Now is the […]

Keeping Entertained on Long Journeys


If you’re about to embark on a car journey spanning many hours, then you’ll at some point need to overcome the problem of boredom. Let’s face it – being forced to sit in the same position for a very long time, with barely anything to do, is tedious. In order to get through the ordeal, […]

Book Your Christmas Holiday Now!

Children wearing Christmas hats

Winter isn’t often the first time of year that springs to mind when considering a caravanning Christmas holiday. And there’s good reason for this: the roads are treacherous, the weather frightful, and the opportunities for traditional caravanning activities few and far between. But who says a caravan holiday need stick with tradition? The entire point […]

Caravanning over Christmas

Christmas Family

A caravan is an excellent invention. It affords holidaymakers across the world a means of getting away from it all at a time of their choosing – and at a moment’s notice. Few of us, however, choose to get our caravans out at winter time – and so they remain consigned to driveways until mid-April. […]

Caravan Tips for Bad Weather

Family of three enjoying the rain and having fun outside on the beach on a gray rainy

Winter is approaching, and the traditional peak time for a caravan trip is now long behind us. There’s a good reason that many of us retire our caravans at this time of year – and that’s that the prevailing weather conditions aren’t often conducive to happy caravanning. While we can’t change the weather, there’s no […]

Choosing the Right Awning

Sunset with a Caravan and an Awning

Caravans are an excellent means of getting out and seeing the world. You can live in them, but that needn’t mean that you’re forced to live in the same area. Consequently, they’re a favourite piece of technology for many British holidaymakers, who every summer will pack their belongings and head to their destination of choice […]

What’s the Right Age for Buying a Caravan?

Woman on the grass with a dog looking at a laptop. Caravan car Vacation. Family vacation travel, holiday trip in motorhome

If you’re considering buying a caravan, then you might be wondering whether you’re old enough to bother with it. If you’re picking up your pension, then you might imagine it to be a young person’s vehicle. If you’ve only just left school, then you might think precisely the opposite. Both of these points of view […]

Packing Lightly for Your Caravan Holiday

plastic kitchen utensil to avoid damage to the pots and pans

If you’re going to be going away on a caravan holiday, then you might be tempted to take along with you an enormous amount of creature comforts to help ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as possible. But you needn’t do so; the vast majority of caravaneers find that packing just a few choice […]

Safety Tips For Going to The Beach

red warning flag on beach

A holiday (or a day-trip) at the seaside is a great experience for people of all ages – there’s plenty of sights to see and things to do – and even if you don’t fancy seeing or doing much of anything, there are few better places to sit back and relax. But the seaside, like […]

Top Five Things to do on an English Beach

Young caucasian kids in Denmark on a summer day.

Summer is now well and truly upon us, and Britons across the land will have thrown their bucket and spade into the back of their cars and taken a day-trip to the nearest stretch of seaside. While the English coast doesn’t enjoy quite the same levels of sunshine as those on the Mediterranean, it’s still […]

Keeping the Kids Entertained Whilst Travelling

Girl helping boy while playing a game of chess on large chess board.

If you’ve ever been crammed into a small space with an unruly child, then you’ll know that it’s a truly dreadful experience. Whether it’s a car with a broken air conditioner, travelling a long distance, or a caravan during a rainy summer’s day, it’s essential that children are provided with some sort of mental stimulation. […]

Powering Your Caravan

White caravan camper travel car on campsite

One of the main virtues of a caravan holiday is that a caravan is more economical than a fixed building. But in order to take the fullest advantage of this virtue, we need to ensure that we keep our running costs down. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways we can do […]

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